While it is difficult to obtain the #ChronoCrossTour Blu-ray™ Limited Edition from outside of Japan, it is not impossible! To help those who would like to buy the LE, we have created a guide. We are very sorry that the process is not easier.

Guide: youtu.be/gyeIuSpdrBw

Please feel free to visit the ChronoCrossTour Blu-ray™ webpage to see the differences between the Limited Edition and the Normal Edition. You can also watch the English Trailer on our YouTube channel!

Webpage: procyon-studio.co.jp/special/cclive…

Video: youtu.be/Sxz6KuN_jDU

If you have any questions about the Limited Edition or the Normal Edition, please feel free to leave a comment on the video guide, or contact us at procyon-studio.co.jp/contact_en/

We hope you enjoy the Blu-ray™! And, should you get the LE, we hope you enjoy the DL Card as well!!